Alineaciones de FC Barcelona Contra Alaves

Alineaciones de FC Barcelona Contra Alaves

As the La Liga season reaches its critical juncture, all eyes turn to the upcoming clash between the mighty FC Barcelona and the resilient Alaves. FC Barcelona, the perennial powerhouse of Spanish football, will be looking to solidify their position at the top of the league table, while Alaves, the gritty underdogs, will be aiming to pull off a shock result and potentially dent Barcelona’s title aspirations.

Barcelona, led by the talismanic Lionel Messi, have once again demonstrated their ability to dominate the domestic scene, showcasing their world-class talent and tactical acumen. Meanwhile, Alaves, under the guidance of their experienced manager, have proven to be a tough nut to crack, making life difficult for even the most formidable opponents.

Recent History of FC Barcelona vs Alaves Matches

The history between these two sides has been an intriguing one, with Barcelona typically holding the upper hand. In their most recent encounters, Barcelona have emerged victorious, but Alaves have managed to make life difficult for the Catalan giants, often pushing them to the limit.

In the previous season’s matchups, Barcelona secured a narrow 2-1 victory at home and a comfortable 4-1 triumph away, highlighting their superior quality but also the resilience of Alaves. Both teams will be eager to write a new chapter in their ongoing rivalry, with Alaves hoping to spring a surprise and Barcelona determined to maintain their dominance.

Predicted Lineups for FC Barcelona vs Alaves

FC Barcelona Predicted Lineup:

  • Goalkeeper: Marc-André ter Stegen
  • Defenders: Sergi Roberto, Gerard Piqué, Clément Lenglet, Jordi Alba
  • Midfielders: Frenkie de Jong, Sergio Busquets, Pedri
  • Forwards: Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann, Ousmane Dembélé

Alaves Predicted Lineup:

  • Goalkeeper: Fernando Pacheco
  • Defenders: Rubén García, Víctor Laguardia, Ximo Navarro, Javi López
  • Midfielders: Tomás Pina, Manu García, Rubén García
  • Forwards: Lucas Pérez, Joselu, Édgar Méndez

These lineups showcase the strengths and tactical approaches of both teams, with Barcelona’s possession-based game and Alaves’ compact defensive structure set to be the key battlegrounds.

Key Players to Watch for in the Match

FC Barcelona:

  1. Lionel Messi: The Argentine maestro will be the focal point of Barcelona’s attack, with his dazzling dribbling, incisive passing, and clinical finishing posing a constant threat to Alaves’ defense.
  2. Frenkie de Jong: The young Dutch midfielder has been a revelation for Barcelona, orchestrating the team’s play from the middle of the park with his exceptional vision and ball-handling abilities.
  3. Jordi Alba: The dynamic left-back will be crucial in providing width and overlapping runs to support Barcelona’s attacking forays down the flanks.


  1. Lucas Pérez: The Spanish forward has been Alaves’ talisman, leading the line with his tireless work rate and clinical finishing, capable of punishing any defensive lapses.
  2. Víctor Laguardia: The experienced center-back will be tasked with marshaling Alaves’ backline and nullifying the threat of Barcelona’s attacking trident.
  3. Tomás Pina: The defensive midfielder will be pivotal in shielding Alaves’ defense and disrupting Barcelona’s rhythm with his tenacious tackling and intelligent positioning.

Tactical Analysis of Both Teams

FC Barcelona:

Barcelona’s playing style is centered around possession-based football, with a focus on intricate passing, quick ball circulation, and creating overloads in the final third. They rely heavily on the creativity and vision of Lionel Messi to unlock opposition defenses, while the likes of Frenkie de Jong and Sergio Busquets provide the control and tempo in midfield.

Defensively, Barcelona employ a high-pressing approach, aiming to win the ball back quickly and transition into attacking phases. Jordi Alba and Sergi Roberto provide the necessary width and overlapping runs to stretch the opposition, while Gerard Piqué and Clément Lenglet anchor the backline.


Alaves adopt a more pragmatic and defensive-minded approach, focusing on maintaining a compact shape and denying space to their opponents. They rely on their organized defensive structure, led by the experienced Víctor Laguardia, to frustrate the opposition and look to hit them on the counter-attack.

In possession, Alaves aim to be direct and efficient, utilizing the pace and movement of their forward line, led by the likes of Lucas Pérez and Joselu. Tomás Pina and Manu García play crucial roles in shielding the backline and providing a solid foundation for Alaves’ counter-attacking approach.

Previous Results and Statistics of FC Barcelona and Alaves

FC Barcelona:

  • Last 5 matches: 4 wins, 1 draw
  • Goals scored: 12
  • Goals conceded: 4
  • Average possession: 65%
  • Shots on target: 25


  • Last 5 matches: 2 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss
  • Goals scored: 6
  • Goals conceded: 5
  • Average possession: 42%
  • Shots on target: 15

These statistics highlight the contrasting styles and recent form of the two teams, with Barcelona’s dominance in possession and goal-scoring prowess juxtaposed against Alaves’ more defensive-minded approach and their ability to grind out results.

Head-to-Head Record between FC Barcelona and Alaves

The head-to-head record between FC Barcelona and Alaves heavily favors the Catalan giants, who have won 16 of the 20 previous meetings between the two sides. Alaves have managed just 2 victories, with the remaining 2 matches ending in draws.

However, it’s worth noting that Alaves have proven to be a tough opponent for Barcelona in recent years, often making life difficult for the league leaders. The underdogs will be hoping to capitalize on any complacency or defensive lapses from the visitors and potentially pull off a shock result.

Predictions and Expectations for the Match

Given Barcelona’s superior quality and Alaves’ defensive resilience, this match is expected to be a closely contested affair. While Barcelona will be the clear favorites to secure all three points, Alaves will be determined to frustrate their illustrious opponents and potentially snatch a point or even a surprise victory.

The key factors that could determine the outcome of the match include Barcelona’s ability to break down Alaves’ compact defensive structure, the impact of Lionel Messi and Frenkie de Jong in the final third, and Alaves’ effectiveness in their counter-attacking approach.

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Where to Watch FC Barcelona vs Alaves

The match between FC Barcelona and Alaves will be broadcast live on various sports channels and streaming platforms around the world. Fans can tune in to their local broadcasters or access the match through popular streaming services to witness the action unfold.


The upcoming clash between FC Barcelona and Alaves promises to be a captivating encounter, with both teams aiming to secure a crucial victory for their respective campaigns. While Barcelona will be the overwhelming favorites, Alaves’ resilience and ability to frustrate their opponents could make this a closely fought affair.

As the players take to the pitch, the stage is set for a thrilling battle of tactics, individual brilliance, and sheer determination. Fans can look forward to an exciting display of football, with the potential for a surprise result that could shake up the La Liga landscape.

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