Cuando Juega El Inter de Miami

Cuando Juega El Inter de Miami

Inter Miami, officially known as Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami, is one of the most recent and exciting teams in Major League Soccer (MLS). Since its founding in 2018 and its league debut in 2020, the club has captured the attention of soccer fans in South Florida and beyond. Owned by a consortium that includes David Beckham, the arrival of Inter Miami marked a new chapter in the history of American soccer. A frequent question among fans is: “When does Inter Miami play?” This article seeks to answer that question and explore the team’s schedule, challenges, and expectations for the upcoming seasons.

History and Foundation of Inter Miami

The Inter Miami project began to take shape when David Beckham, a former star of Manchester United and Real Madrid, announced his intention to bring a professional soccer team to Miami. After years of planning and negotiations, the club was officially founded in January 2018. Miami, known for its cultural diversity and passion for sports, seemed to be the perfect place for this new team.

Inter Miami’s first official match was played on March 1, 2020, against Los Angeles FC. Although they lost 1-0, the match marked the beginning of what many hope will be a golden era for soccer in Miami.

Inter Miami’s Match Schedule

Inter Miami’s schedule in the MLS follows the standard league structure, which generally begins in March and ends in November, including the playoffs. The team’s matches are divided into home and away games, offering fans multiple opportunities to see their team in action.

  1. Home Matches: Inter Miami’s home matches are played at DRV PNK Stadium, located in Fort Lauderdale. This temporary stadium is a modern facility that offers a fantastic experience for fans. The atmosphere on match days is vibrant, with chants, flags, and a passionate community of supporters who back their team relentlessly.
  2. Away Matches: In addition to home matches, Inter Miami travels across the United States and Canada to face other MLS teams. These matches are equally important, as points earned away from home are crucial for league standings.

Key Factors in the Schedule

Inter Miami’s match schedule is influenced by several key factors:

  1. MLS Scheduling: The MLS organizes the schedule so that all teams play a balanced number of home and away matches. The league also considers factors such as travel and regional rivalries to make the schedule as fair as possible.
  2. International Competitions: Besides the MLS, Inter Miami may participate in other competitions such as the U.S. Open Cup and the CONCACAF Champions League, depending on their performance in the league. These additional competitions can add more matches to an already busy schedule.
  3. Events and Weather: Scheduling also takes into account local events and weather. Miami’s tropical climate can be challenging during the summer months, sometimes affecting match timings.

Impact of Transfers and Team Management

Inter Miami’s performance on the pitch heavily depends on team management and transfers. Since its inception, the club has sought to attract both national and international talent to build a competitive team. The presence of notable figures such as Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuaín and French midfielder Blaise Matuidi has raised the team’s profile.

Team management also plays a crucial role in schedule planning. Coaches and technical staff must manage players’ workloads, ensuring they are in peak condition for each match. Injuries and suspensions can also impact the lineup and strategy at different points in the season.

Expectations and Future of Inter Miami

Expectations for Inter Miami are high. Fans and club owners alike hope the team will not only compete but also win titles in the coming years. The investment in talent and club infrastructure indicates their long-term ambition.

Inter Miami’s future also includes the construction of a new stadium in Miami. This project, known as Miami Freedom Park, will be a world-class facility serving as the team’s permanent home. The stadium is expected to enhance fan experience and solidify soccer’s presence in the city.

How to Stay Informed

For fans who want to know when Inter Miami plays, there are several ways to stay informed:

  1. Official Website: The official Inter Miami website ( is a reliable source for match schedules, team news, and updates.
  2. Social Media: The team’s official accounts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram provide real-time updates on matches, results, and club events.
  3. Sports Apps: Apps such as ESPN, MLS, and other sports apps offer personalized alerts and calendars to follow your favorite team.
  4. Local Media: Local media outlets in Miami, including newspapers and TV stations, also extensively cover Inter Miami’s matches and news.


Inter Miami has brought new energy and excitement to soccer in South Florida. Knowing when the team plays is crucial for fans who want to support their club every step of the way. With a well-planned schedule, strategic signings, and a passionate community, the future of Inter Miami looks promising. As the team continues to grow and evolve, it will remain a symbol of the diversity and competitive spirit that defines Miami.

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